The damage she did amounted to many thousands of dollars. Lake on the Navajo lakes fishing. For those that are interested they must obtain a Backcountry Permit like any other hiker and put down the Number of stock. Cutting switchbacks damages trails and causes erosion and destruction of soil composition. Use caution when passing road damage. Ancient homes built on the sides of cliffs. Fly home from Flagstaff airport on AA. Because the park is a very popular backpacking destination, be prepared to be flexible with your itinerary. If there are several people in your group each can apply to the lottery separately provided you do not list the other members of the group as alternate permit holders. You can park your car at the North Kaibab trailhead and when the shuttle takes you back around from the South Rim to the North Rim they will take you right to your car. Do not send this application to this address but rather to the address at the top of the first page.