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Forensic Document Examination Cases

FDEs will then form a conclusion based on results of the above analyses, comparisons, and evaluations. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Chinese handwriting and signatures.

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He received his BA and MS in architecture from Tulane University and is a licensed architect in eight states.

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Any of these subspecialties can merge under the general heading of questioned document examination. It is succinct and concise, yet comprehensive in scope for an introductory course. He has been court qualified hundreds of times in numerous states and the Caribbean and has also served as a forensic document examiner for cases in South America and Europe.

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Most egregiously, the court cites the Srihari study without noticing that this computersimulation is totally irrelevant to the issue in front of it, the skill of the human expert.


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  • As I have repeatedly said in regard to other examiners, none of this is necessarily to suggest that Ms. This document had become a focal point of the lives of this man and his family. When proving that an individual did not write a questioned document, it is necessary to obtain a larger range of writing and one hundred signatures may not be enough.
  • How do I get my documents to your laboratory for inspection? Page references beloware to the printed version of the test file.
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It is not clear whether the note was printed or cursive. The person taking the request writing needs to take this into consideration. What Does a Forensic Document Examiner Do.

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  • When taking the request writing samples, follow established procedures.
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  • Published standards ensure consistency in methodology.
  • Vastrick has written numerous research articles published in the United States and overseas.
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Our document examiners can provide advice on the relevance of handwriting examination to your case and they have the expertise to assist in your case.

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Whether the result would have beendifferent after an appropriate hearing is difficult to say, but the reliance on precedent wastotally misplaced.

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Content specific to forensic document examination will include properties of evidence, admissibility of evidence and expert testimony, evidence collection procedures, methods of evidence analyses, and interpretation and communication of results.

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The FDEobserves the features exhibited in the bodies of writing to determine if significant Id. Practitioners of all sorts of questionable claimed skillscan pass this test. They are handwriting experts, as well as experts in other areas of document examination, including machine printing processes; and obliterated, indented and erased entries.

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Though no handwriting expert was appointed to verify the. He emphasizes that forensic document examination doesn't involve efforts to. To view this page, you need to be logged in.